Project Experience
Quality, Reliability and Performance
  • 2T & 3T x 20m Span x 6m Height
    39 Units of Overhead Cranes
    (Oil & Gas)
  • 50T x 40m Span x 30m Height
    Double Girder Overhead
    Traveling Cranes
    (Oil & Gas)
  • 75T x 30m Span x 30m Height
    A-Shaped Gantry Cranes
    (Oil & Gas)
  • 10T x 30m Span + (6m+6m)
    Cantilever C-Shaped Gantry
  • 10T x 24m Span x 12m Height
    Semi portal Cranes
    (Oil & Gas)
  • 7.5T x 11m Outreach x 360
    Rotation Slewing Jib Cranes
  • 11T x 108m Height
    Monorail Hoist System
  • (50 x 2) Tonne x 30m
    Span x 12m Height
    Gantry Cranes With Cable Reels
    (Concrete Precast)
  • Cranes Fitted with Orange Peel
    Grab Waste Management
    Automated System
    (Waste Treatment Plant)
  • 500 Tonne x 28m
    Span x 30m Height
    Metallurgy Crane
    (Steel Making)

  • 9T x 68m Span x 20m Height
    Underhung Crane
  • 200T x 25m Span x 30m Height
    Overhead Cranes For Lifting of
    Generator /Turbine In Tandem
    (Power Sector)