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Goodshoists / Goodslifts features

Expanded Metal Lift Shaft Motor Room

Safety catch system

Imported of safety catch grips to the two guide rails in the event of wire rope snapping. a.c disc motor brake for stranger and efficient braking action brake release mechanism for lowering load manually when power failure

S400 starts / stops

Ensured durability of hoist.

Mechanical interlocks

Preventing opening of gate whenever lift is in operation or is not at the respective floors.

Electrical interlock

Stops of lift when door/s are not fully closed.

Special imported guide shoes

All directions are properly guided, stable, quiet and smooth, preventing metal to metal friction.

Additional safety limit switches

Preventing the cage from overlowering and overhoisting at the upper and lower most floor.

Power failure brakes

Preventing the cage from falling in the event of power failure.

Collapsible Gate without shutter

Stainless Steel Goodshoist

Collapsible Gate without shutter

Stainless Steel Panel


Buffers will be provided at the pit.


Provided in the car cage.

Emergency button c/w lock

Stop lift's operation in the event of emergency and from the usage of unauthorised persons.

PLC (programmable logic control)

High-technology programmable logic cnotrol ensures the accuracy of level and simplicity of trouble shooting.

Automatic electrical control

All electrical controls will be automatic and of single push type base on first call basis.

Digital indicator

Each landing floor will have digital indicator showing the position of the car cage.

Factory and machinery department testing

Every top-mech goodshoist will be endorsed by fmd.all drawings & calculations are submitted to fmd for approval. all goodhoists will be subjected to fmd testing & certification as well.

Salient features

  • maximum 200kg safe working load
  • electrical interlock
  • mechanical interlock
  • buzzer